Self-employment & Mandarin

One of the biggest reason why i returned to my hometown was in hope to find a suit jod here. kinda tired of living and working surrounding by monstrocity things , away from family and quarelling conflict every single day. so i decided to go home but yeah, still hard to land into any job.
My first thought was it could be much more easier by having all these qualifications(skills,training) to you know just come to an interview and hear somebody says "congrats, you're hire"
Cant really blame on rivalry coz we live in a competition world. everyting is a race. it just something "missing", and in my case, it's the ability to speak mandarin. Well, i know french & arabic(lil but still useless) coz most employers here in my place need someone who can speak fluently in malay, english and mandarin. i dont really have any clue why mandarin is so important here but every job vacancy i saw advertise on n'paper. mandarian is compulsory.
Mebbe that's why i'm trying hard to learn em. and also the reason why i opened my very own food outlet. just in case, as a back up plan when everything turns down.


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