Can i see your GF photo? do you miss her so much? is she beautiful? how's your gurl?. These are some of the qs i have to deal with ppls everyday. They're asking me of something i don't have YET. as usual, my answer is simple : NO, i dont have anyone special, nope nope NO GF. They were like what? no, no you must be kidding. then "i'm serious". 'Guy like you should have one, ehh look at you, cant believe you' almost the same respones i got from everybody else around me.
Yes i am 21 years old(big boy already) and i want to have one(2,3 or more mebbe.ha ha ha). it's just i dont want to....YET.Why? there are lotsa more important things ive to 'accomplish' before i jump into this lovey-dovey relationship. i want to posses eveything (money, love, time) before i open my heart to any girl. im no girl-hater(means gay) or set a high particular taste to find gurl of my dream. im just want to live my life alone for couple more years.
My dream gurl? tell ya next!!!
Till then, let just say Alicia Silverstone is actually waiting for me at home, every single my room ha ha ha!!


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