Surprise Visit!!!

it always my routine to do "jumping rope" infront my house every 5pm. i have to do it everyday to 'redeem" my weight back. yeah as you know, i ate too many things since my return here 2 weeks ago.
i was counting my jump, 100, 205, 406 then i saw this silver-metallic kancil approached my lawn yard(ohh its that u call it). i thought it was my uncle whom coming for the "terap" but i was totally wrong. he was my buddy!!my school mate alter-ego!!terkejut badak, lagi2 bila kawan yg dtg sama ngan dia tu adalah lelaki yg sama dtg masa saya kursus buat bun dulu. ha!!! betul lah kata org dunia ni kecil!!!rupa2nya org tu saudara dia!!!
sorry sbb tak jemput dorang masuk dlm rumah(actually buat air pun tidak) as we just sat outside and started talking.everyone was busy at the time(AF3 Final concert is still 2 hours to go). so...dlm tempoh masa yg singkat tak sempat nak cite2 apa2, cadang nak jumpa kat KFC the next day!!!>>>>>>


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