4.02 Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester

A woman is sleeping on her couch with the TV on when it suddenly starts to flicker, and she wakes up. She realizes she can see her breath it’s so cold, and she jumps up and runs for her closet. Inside she has a whole arsenal, she’s obviously a hunter. As she does her phone rings, and her answering machine picks up “Hi it’s Olivia – leave a message.” Bobby’s voice says “Olivia can you call me back? I’ve got something big.” She ignores it and picks up an EMF meter, it immediately begins humming. She grabs a gun and loads it, then heads back into the other room. Suddenly a man appears behind her, she whirls around and looks at him. “You…” she says, shocked. She shoots him and he disappears, and she quickly puts a line of salt in the doorway, but he appears right outside the salt, staring at her. “I’m sorry,” she says desperately, standing up. “I’m so sorry.” But when she turns around, he is right behind her.

Bobby’s house
“Well tell me what else it could have been,” Sam says to Dean. The boys are bickering as Bobby is busy reading. “All I know is that I was not... groped by an angel,” Dean says. “Look, Dean, why do you think this… Castiel would lie to you about it?” Sam asks. “Maybe he’s some kind of demon,” Dean suggests angrily. “Demons lie.” “A demon who’s immune to salt rounds? And Devil’s Traps? And Ruby’s knife? Dean, Lillith is scared of that thing,” Sam says. “Don’t you think that if angels were real, that some hunter, somewhere, would have seen one. At some point! Ever,” Dean says. “Yeah. You just did, Dean,” Sam says with a bit of a smile. Dean looks annoyed. “I’m trying to come up with a theory here, okay? Work with me.” “Dean, we have a theory,” Sam argues. “Yeah, one with a little less fairy dust on it, please!” Dean replies. “Look, I’m not saying I know for sure, I’m just saying that I think…” Sam begins, but Dean cuts in. “That’s the point, okay? We don’t know for sure. So I’m not going to believe that this thing is a freakin angel of the Lord because it said so!” Dean yells. “You two chuckleheads wanna keep arguing religion, or you wanna come take a look at this?” Bobby cuts in. The boys look at each other, then walk over. “I’ve got stacks of lore,” Bobby begins. “It all says an angel can snatch a soul from the pit.” “What else could do it?” Dean asks. “Airlift your ass out of the hotbox? As far as I can tell, nothing,” Bobby replies. Sam looks at Dean, who looks troubled. Sam smiles. “Dean, this is good news.” “How?” Dean replies. “Because for once, this isn’t just another round of demon crap. I mean maybe you were saved by one of the good guys, you know?” Sam says. “Okay. Say it’s true. There are angels. Then what, there’s a God?” Dean asks, looking incredulous. “At this point, Vegas money’s on yeah,” Bobby says. “Okay look, I know you’re not all choir boy about this, but this is becoming less and less about faith, and more and more about proof,” Sam says firmly. “Proof? Proof that there’s a God out there that actually gives a crap about me, personally? I’m sorry, but I’m not buying it!” Dean says. “Why not?” Sam asks. “Because why me?” Dean replies. “If there is a God out there, why would he give a crap about me?” he goes on, ignoring Sam’s interruptions. “I mean I’ve saved some people, I figure that’s made up for the stealing and the dishing chicks. But why do I deserve to get saved? I’m just a regular guy.” “Well apparently you’re a regular guy who’s important to the man upstairs,” Sam says with a smile. Dean looks at him and Bobby. “Well that creeps me out. I mean, I don’t like getting singled out at birthday parties, much less by… God.” “Okay well, too bad, Dean. Because I think he wants you to strap on your party hat,” Sam says. Dean looks awkward. “Fine. Well, what do we know about angels?” Bobby pulls out a huge stack of books. “Start reading,” he says. Dean points at Sam. “You’re gonna get me some pie,” he says, grabbing a book.

Sam pulls up to a store in the Impala, talking on his cellphone. “Yes, Dean, I’ll get the chips. Dude. When have I ever forgotten the pie? Exactly.” He suddenly sees Ruby, standing beside the store, and quickly says he has to go and hangs up. He walks over. “Is it true?” she says. “Did an angel rescue Dean?” “You heard,” he says. “Who hasn’t?” she asks. “We’re not one hundred percent sure, but I think so,” Sam replies. “Okay,” she says, staring at him. “Bye, Sam.” She starts to leave, but he grabs her arm. “What’s going on?” he asks. “Sam, they’re angels. I’m a demon. They’re not gonna care if I’m being helpful. They smite first, and then they ask questions later,” she replies. “What do you know about them?” Sam asks. “Not much. I’ve never met one, and I don’t really wanna,” she says. “All I know is that they scare the holy hell out of me. Watch yourself, Sam.” Sam laughs. “I’m not scared of angels.” She looks at him a moment, and then walks away.

Bobby’s place
Bobby and Dean are packing stuff when Sam pulls up in the Impala. Bobby comes over and leans in the window, telling him that he’s been trying to reach his friend Olivia for three days about the angel thing, and she hasn’t answered. “Olivia Lowry – hunter, right?” Sam asks. “Yeah. You guys follow me,” Bobby says, walking away. Dean makes Sam move over so he can drive, and Sam hands him the bag of food he bought. Dean looks through it and then stops. “Dude?” he says. “Yup?” Sam says. “Where’s the pie?” Dean asks, staring at Sam in surprise.

Olivia’s house
The boys and Bobby go into her house with shotguns at the ready, calling her name, but no one answers. As they go around a corner, Bobby stops, staring in horror, and then walks out of the house. The boys approach, and Sam notices a salt line. They look at the body of Olivia – the chest is ripped open. Dean goes to her open closet, and picks up something. “Olivia was rocking the EMF meter,” he says. Sam nods. “Spirit activity.” “Yeah, on steroids. I’ve never seen a ghost do this to a person,” Dean admits. Bobby walks back in, and Dean asks if he’s alright. “I called some hunters nearby,” Bobby begins. “Good, we could use the help,” Dean replies. “They ain’t answering their phones, either,” Bobby finishes. “Something’s up, huh?” Sam says. “You think?” Bobby says.

In another hunter’s home – Jed - Dean has left a message saying that they think that there’s something happening to hunters. But we see now that he is dead as well, and blood is all over, his chest is ripped open too.

Leaving Jed’s house, Dean is talking to Bobby on the phone. He tells him that Jed looks even worse than Olivia, and asks what’s going on with Bobby. Bobby says he’s checked on two more hunters. “They’ve redecorated,” he says. “In red.” “What the hell is going on here, Bobby?” Dean asks as the boys get in the Impala. Bobby says he doesn’t know, but until they figure out the boys had better stay at his place.

Sam pulls up outside a gas station and begins filling up the car, Dean is asleep inside. We see a dark shape watching Sam across the parking lot. Sam goes inside to the restrooms. He’s washing his hands when suddenly the air goes cold. He looks up to see ice crystals appearing all over the mirror. With one hand, he wipes a streak on the mirror, only to see a familiar face reflected in the mirror behind him. He whirls around. “Hi Sam,” says Victor Henriksen. “It’s been a while.” “Henriksen. Are you – did you -?” Sam begins, but Henriksen suddenly flashes in front of him, and Sam knows it’s a spirit. “I didn’t survive, if that’s what you’re asking,” Victor says. “I’m sorry,” Sam says. “I know you are,” Victor says. “Look if we’d known Lillith was coming…” Sam begins, but Victor cuts him off. “You wouldn’t have let it happen – dozens of innocent people in that police station died in your place. You did this to me. It was your fault, she was after you and I paid the price! You left us there to die!” Victor suddenly shoves Sam into the lockers behind him, continuing to beat him up and throw him around until suddenly a shotgun goes off, and he disappears as Dean bursts in.

Bobby’s house
Bobby is preparing things when his lights start flickering. He sees his breath, and hears children giggling. He hurries to grab an iron bar, and then begins to walk around his house. The radio turns on, and Bobby continues to walk. He hears more giggling, and heads toward his stairs. From the top of the stairs comes bouncing a little ball, and Bobby then turns around. Behind them are two little girls.

On the road
“Dammit, Bobby, pick up!” Dean is saying into the cellphone as the boys drive. “How’re you feeling, huh? How many fingers am I holding up?” he says to Sam. “None, I’ll be fine, Dean,” Sam replies. “Henriksen?” Dean asks. “Yup.” “Why, what did he want?” “Revenge, cause we got him killed,” Sam replies. Dean looks at him. “Sam.” “Well we did, Dean,” Sam says. “Alright, stop right there,” Dean cuts in. “Whatever the hell is going on, it’s happening to us now. I can’t get a hold of Bobby, so if you’re not thinking answers, don’t think at all.”
Bobby’s houseThe boys head in with shotguns, calling Bobby’s name. They go through the house, and find the iron bar Bobby was holding. Dean motions up the stairs –“I’ll go, you check outside.” The boys split up.

Outside, Sam walks among all the cars in the junkyard, calling Bobby. Meanwhile in the back of a car, high up on a stack of old cars, the two little girls are holding Bobby captive, one has a hand over his mouth.

Upstairs, Dean calls Bobby. A door nearby shuts, and then another one at the end of the hall opens. Dean edges forward. “Come out come out, whoever you are,” he says. Suddenly, behind him, someone appears. “Dean Winchester,” she says. “Still so bossy.” Dean turns around. “You don’t recognize me?” she says. Dean suddenly remembers - Meg. “This is what I looked like before that demon cut off my hair and dressed me like a slut,” she says. “Meg?” Dean says. “Hi,” she says with a grin. She starts to move forward, and Dean aims the gun at her, but she holds up her hands. “It’s okay. I’m not a demon.” “You’re the girl the demon possessed,” Dean says. “Meg Masters,” she says. “Nice to finally talk to you when I’m not –you know – choking. On my own blood.” She starts forward again. “It’s okay. Seriously. I’m just a college girl. Sorry – was. I was walking home one night and got jumped, by all this smoke. Next thing you know I’m a prisoner. In here.” She points to her head. “Now I was awake – I had to watch, while she murdered people.” “I’m sorry,” Dean says quietly. “Oh yeah? So sorry you had me thrown off a building?” she says. “Well we thought…” Dean begins. “No you didn’t think,” she yells. “I kept waiting, praying! I was trapped in there, screaming at you, just help me, please! You’re supposed to help people, Dean, why didn’t you help me?” “I’m sorry,” Dean says again. “Stop saying you’re sorry!” she yells, hitting him and knocking him onto the floor. “Meg – Meg…” he tries to say, but she kicks him. “We didn’t know!” he says. “No,” she says. “You just attacked. Did you ever think there was a girl in here? No. You just charged in, slashing and burning. You think you’re some kind of hero?” Dean looks at her. “No, I don’t.” She grabs his jacket. “Damn right.” He looks down at her hand and sees a strange mark on it. “Do you have any idea what it’s like – to be ridden for months by pure evil?” she goes on. “While your family has no idea what happened to you?” “We did the best we could,” Dean says, and she shoves him violently away, and continues to kick him.

Outside in the car, the two little girls continue to keep Bobby captive. “Are you scared, Bobby? We were scared, Bobby. When the monster came for us. And grabbed us tight. We couldn’t even scream. You were right there, Bobby. You were in the house – you were so close.”

Meanwhile Sam is still looking. He notices his breath in the air, and searches frantically through cars, pulling open trunks and looking inside, but nothing.

“You could’ve saved us, Bobby,” one of the little girls goes on. “You walked right past that door. The monster had us. And you didn’t find us. And now they won’t find you.”
Inside, Meg is continuing. “It wasn’t just me, Dean,” she says as he tries to pick himself up off the floor. “I had a sister. A little sister. She worshipped me. You know how little siblings are, right? How they’ll do anything for you? She was never the same after I disappeared. She just… she just got lost. And when my body was lying in the morgue – beat up, broken – do you know what that did to her?” She savagely kicks Dean again. “She killed herself! Because of you, Dean! Because all you were thinking about was your family! Your revenge and your demons! Fifty words of Latin a little sooner and I’d still be alive. My baby sister would still be alive. That blood is on your hands, Dean!” “You’re right,” Dean says, but she attacks him again anyway.

Outside, Sam finally finds the right car, and climbs up, trying to pry the door open, but the little girls throw him backwards, down onto a car windshield. He quickly hits one of them with the iron bar, and Bobby takes care of the next one.

Inside, Dean crawls through the house with Meg following him. He finally manages to get a gun out of his jacket, and rolls over to aim it at her. “Come on, Dean,” she says, smiling. “Did your brain get french-fried in Hell? You can’t shoot me with bullets.” “I’m not shooting you,” he says, and shoots an iron chandelier that is hanging on the ceiling, it drops down right on top of her, and she disappears.

“So they’re all people we know?” Sam says, once they are all back together again in Bobby’s house. “Not just know – that we couldn’t save,” Dean replies from the couch, where he is loading guns. “Hey, I saw something on Meg. Did she have a tattoo when she was alive?” “I don’t think so,” Sam says. “It was like a mark, on her hand. Almost like a brand,” Dean says. “I saw a mark too, on Henriksen,” Sam realizes. “What did it look like?” Bobby asks, and Sam draws a picture on some paper. “I may have seen this before,” Bobby says. “We gotta move. Follow me.” He hands the boys a ton of books. “Where are we going?” Sam asks. “Someplace safe, you idjit,”Bobby replies.

He takes the boys to his basement, and opens a big door. Dean and Sam exchange glances, then walk inside. On the ceiling there is a fan, in a pentagram shape. Bobby turns on the lights, and they see that there is a Devil’s trap on the floor, and weapons all over the walls. There is also beds. Sam touches the walls. “Is this…?” “Solid iron. Completely coated with salt,” Bobby replies. “One hundred percent ghost proof.” “You built a panic room?” Sam says with a grin. “I had a weekend off,” Bobby says. “Bobby,” says Dean. “You’re awesome.” He laughs and then looks at the wall. “Oh.” They all look. There is a poster of Bo Derek on the wall.

The boys are loading shotgun shells full of rock salt when Dean looks at Sam. “See, this is why I can’t get behind God. If he doesn’t exist, fine. Bad crap happens to good people. That’s how it is. No rhyme or reason, just random, horrible evil, I get it. I can roll with that. But if he is out there? What’s wrong with him? Where the hell is he while all these decent people are getting torn to shreds? How does he live with himself, you know? Why doesn’t he help.” The boys look at Bobby. “I ain’t touchin’ this one with a ten foot pole,” Bobby says firmly. “Yeah…” Dean says. “Found it,” Bobby says, changing the subject. “The symbol you saw – brand on the ghosts? Mark of the Witness.” “Witness – witness to what?” Sam asks. “The unnatural. None of them died what you’d call ordinary deaths. See, these ghosts – they were forced to rise. They woke up in agony. They’re like rabid dogs – it ain’t their fault. Someone rose ‘em. On purpose.” “Who?” Sam asks. “Do I look like I know?” Bobby says. “But whoever it was, they used a spell so powerful it left a mark. A brand on their souls. Whoever did this had big plans. It’s called the “Rising of the Witnesses”. It figures into an ancient prophecy.” “Wait wait – what book is that prophecy from?” Dean asks, walking over to join Bobby and Sam. “Well the widely distributed version’s just for tourists, you know. But, long story short – Revelations. This is a sign, boys.” “A sign of what?” the boys ask in unison. “The apocalypse,” Bobby replies. “The apocalypse?” Dean says. “Yep,” Bobby replies. “As in apocalypse apocalypse?” Dean says. “As in the four horsemen, pestilence, five-dollar-a-gallon-of-gas apocalpyse?” “That’s the one,” Bobby says. “The Rise of the Witnesses is a mile marker.” “Okay so what do we do now?” Sam asks. “Road trip,” Dean says. “Grand Canyon, Star Trek Experience… Bunny Ranch.” “First things first,” Bobby says. “How about we survive our friends out there.” “Great – any ideas except for staying in this room until Judgement Day?” Dean asks. “It’s a spell,” Bobby says. “To send the Witnesses back to rest. Should work.” “Should?” Sam asks with an unamused laugh. “Great.” “If I can translate it correctly. I think I’ve got everything we need here at the house.” “Any chance you’ve got everything we need here in this room?” Dean asks hopefully. “So you thought our luck was going to start now, all of a sudden?” Bobby replies sarcastically. “Spell’s gotta be cast over an open fire.” “The fireplace in the library,” Sam realizes. “Bingo,” Bobby says. “This is not as appealing as a… ghost-proof panic room,” Dean says. “You know?” Sam sighs.

As they load guns and get ready, Bobby says “Cover each other. Aim careful. Don’t run out of ammo until I’m done, or they’ll shred ya. Ready?” He opens the door leading out of the panic room. They edge out, guns at the ready, when suddenly they see someone sitting at the top of the stairs. “Hey Dean,” he says. It’s Ronald Resnik, from the bank. “Remember me?” “Ronald! With the uh – laser eyes!” Dean says with a grin. “Wish I could say it’s good to see you.” “I am dead because of you,” Ronald says, standing up. “You were supposed to help me!” A shotgun goes off and Ronald disappears, the boys both turn to look at Bobby. “You gotta shoot, shoot,” he says. “Don’t talk.”

They hurry to the library, where they begin setting up the books and salt lines, and start a fire. “Upstairs, linen closet,” Bobby says to Sam. “Red hex box. It’ll be heavy.” Sam takes off to get it. The two little girls reappear, and begin to talk to Bobby, but Dean shoots them and they’re gone. “Kitchen. Cutlery drawer. It’s got a false bottom,” Bobby says to Dean. “Gimlock – Opium, Wormwood.” “Opium?” Dean says incredulously. “Go!” Bobby says and Dean goes. “Bobby?” The two little girls are back. “You walked right by us,” they begin. “While that monster ate us all up. You could’ve saved us.”

Upstairs, Sam looks for the linen closet. He finally finds it and grabs the red hex box, only to have Meg appear behind him. “You know what really pisses me off, Sam,” she says. “You saw how I suffered for months. I thought you must have learned something. I thought I’d died for something.” “Meg…” Sam begins. “But what you’re doing with that demon, Ruby? How many innocent bodies has Ruby burned through for kicks? How many girls just like me? And you don’t send her back to Hell? You’re a monster!” Sam pauses for a moment, and then shoots her.

In the kitchen, Dean quickly goes through the cutlery drawer. Suddenly the doors to the kitchen close. “Dean?” Bobby yells. “I’m alright Bobby, keep working!” Dean hollers back. He continues to grab stuff from the drawer when suddenly Henriksen appears. “Victor,” Dean says. “Dean.” “I know,” Dean says. “No you don’t,” Victor says. “It’s my fault you’re dead,” Dean replies. “I left you behind. The minute I heard about that explosion I thought… I should’ve known. I should’ve protected you.” He tries to grab the shotgun behind him but it suddenly flies off the counter onto the floor and out of reach. “Uh uh. Not so fast,” Victor says. “You think you left and Lillith came and we all died in a beautiful blast of… white light? If only. Forty-five minutes. Overy forty-five minutes. Lillith said she wanted to have some fun. The secretary was first, remember her? Nancy? The virgin? Lillith filleted Nancy’s skin off piece by piece. Right in front of us… Nancy never stopped screaming. I was the last.” “Victor…” Dean begins but Victor grabs him, puts his hand on his chest. “Tell me how that’s fair. You get saved from Hell, I die?” Dean is in too much pain to answer. “Why do you deserve another chance, Dean?” Suddenly Victor turns and sees a shotgun to the side of his head, and then he’s shot. Sam drops the gun and runs over to Dean, who’s on the floor. “You alright?” “No!” Dean replies irritably, and Sam helps him up.

They join Bobby again, and then Ronald appears in front of Dean. “Come on man, I thought we were pals,” Dean says. “That’s when I was breathing,” Ronald replies. “Now I’m gonna eat you alive.” “Yeah well… I’m not a cheeseburger,” Dean says, lifting the gun, but Ronald’s gone. Bobby begins speaking in Latin, and the windows blow open, the salt begins to get blown away and Bobby frantically grabs the spell page. The spirits start appearing again, and Dean and Sam shoot at them as quickly as they can, until they run out of ammo, then they go for the iron bars. Suddenly Sam is crushed behind a dresser, and the ghosts hold it against him so he can’t move. “Sam?” Dean yells. “Cover Bobby!” Sam orders. Bobby is about to finish the spell when suddenly the Meg appears behind him, her hand on his back, and he starts yelling in pain. He drops the bowl of herbs and yells for Dean to catch it. Dean does, and “Fireplace!” Bobby yells, and Dean throws it into the fire. The fire turns blue, and immediately there is a huge blast of light, and the ghosts are gone. The boys hurry over to Bobby, but he’s fine.

Later that night, Sam and Dean are asleep, Sam on the couch and Dean on a mattress on the floor. Dean suddenly wakes up, and rolls over. There is a dark shape standing by the window. Dean walks over, and sees that it is Castiel. “Excellent job with the Witnesses,” Castiel says. He says that he was made aware of what happened. “Well thanks a lot for the angelic assistance,” Dean says sarcastically. “You know I almost got my heart ripped out of my chest!” “But you didn’t,” Castiel says calmly. “I thought angels were supposed to be guardians,” Dean says. “Fluffy wings, halos… you know. Michael Landen. Not dicks.” “Read the Bible,” Castiel says calmly. “Angels are warriors of God. I’m a soldier.” “Yeah then why didn’t you fight?” Dean asks. “I’m not here to perch on your shoulder,” Castiel says. “We had larger concerns.” “Concerns?” Dean says. “There were people getting torn to shreds down here! And by the way, while all this is going on where the hell is your boss, huh? If there is a God.” “There’s a God,” Castiel says firmly. “I’m not convinced,” Dean replies. “Cause if there’s a God then what the hell is he waiting for? Genocide? Monsters roaming the earth? The freakin apocalypse? At what point does he lift a damn finger and help the poor bastards that are stuck down here?” “The Lord works…” begins Castiel, but Dean interrupts. “If you say mysterious ways I swear I will kick your ass.” Castiel is silent. Dean looks a little surprised. “So Bobby was right. About the Witnesses. This is some kind of sign of the apocalypse?” “That’s why we’re here,” Castiel replies. “Big things afoot.” “Do I wanna know what things?” Dean asks. “I sincerely doubt it. But you need to know,” Castiel replies. “The Rising of the Witnesses is one of the sixty-six seals.” “I’m guessing that’s not a show at Sea World,” Dean says. “Those seals are being broken by Lillith,” Castiel goes on. “She did the spell,” Dean realizes. “She rose the Witnesses.” Castiel nods. “And not just here. Twenty other hunters are dead.” “Of course. She picked victims that the hunters couldn’t save, so they would barrel right after us,” Dean says. “Lillith has a certain sense of humour,” Castiel replies. “Well we put those spirits back to rest,” Dean says. “It doesn’t matter, the seal was broken,” Castiel says. Dean asks why she would break it, and Castiel says “Think of the seals as locks on a door.” “Okay – last one opens and?” Dean asks. Castiel turns to look at him. “Lucifer walks free.” Dean stares at him for a moment. “Lucifer. I thought Lucifer was just a story they told at Demon Sunday School. There’s no such thing.” “Three days ago you thought there was no such thing as me,” Castiel replies. “Why do you think we’re here, walking among you now, for the first time in two thousand years?” “To stop Lucifer,” Dean realizes. “It’s why we’ve arrived,” Castiel says. “Well. Bang up job so far,” Dean says. “Stellar work with the Witnesses. It was nice.” “We tried,” Castiel says calmly. “There are other battles. Other seals. Some we’ll win, some we’ll lose. This one, we lost. Our numbers are not unlimited.” He walks closer to Dean. “Six of my brothers died in the field this week. You think the armies of Heaven should just follow your around? There’s a bigger picture here.” He leans even closer to Dean, and Dean begins to look uncomfortable, pulling back. “You should show me some respect,” Castiel goes on. “I dragged you out of Hell. I can throw you back in.” And then suddenly he’s gone.

Dean wakes up suddenly with a gasp. He looks at the window and sees Sam walking towards him. Dean sits up, and Sam sits down on the couch, pulling on his shirt. He looks at Dean, who is looking pale and uneasy. “You alright?” he asks. “What’s wrong, Dean?” “So, you got no problem believing in God, or angels?” Dean says, looking at him. “No, not really,” Sam replies. “So I guess that means that you believe in the Devil,” Dean says. “Why you asking me all this?” Sam asks, looking at him weird. Dean doesn’t reply, he just looks at him, shaken.

Synopsis by Deanandhisimpala


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