SuRat II

Normally atheists will say i dont have answers for everything. dont ask me who create the universe. i dont know. but i belive we can just go along well with our life without god. we dont need god. and they say god is man-made. it cant be validated by science.most of the time they wil turn to nature and say nature creates everything.

Therefore, suddenly questions were streaming into my head when i try to think they way atheists do that is how is it possible for nature to create everything. below are my questions. these questions are based on an atheist respond when she said "human needs to be creative to survive"

1) How do we know there is such a thing as 'creative'?
2) Perhaps because our intellect tells us, but how intellect knows that it should tell us to be creative?
3) Where does intellect come from anyway?
4) Perhaps, nature create intellect thus lead to creativity, but how does nature know that it should create intellect and later inspires human to be creative?
5) Perhaps, nature wants us to survive, but how does nature know that we should survive?
6) Where does nature come from anyway?
7) Where does nature get its ability to know that human should have intellect and later come up with something that we call creative?
8) How does nature know it suppose to know everything and later produced anything and everything that we can see through our eyes on this earth?
8) Why nature doesn't create intellect to other creatures?
9) Perhaps certain animals have certain level of IQ but how nature knows not to give other creatures to have intellect like human's?
10) Perhaps nature doesn't want other creatures to overpower human, but how nature knows?
11) Seems like nature has its own way of thinking that enables it to put things in place. Does that mean nature work through some kind of framework of organization?
12) Does that mean there is something out there that inspires nature to organize things so that everything will be well-organized? Or nature does it on its own? But how does nature knows?
13) When nature has created everything for us on this earth, will it somehow provide anything after we die? Like some sort of different course of nature?
14) Why nature wants us to die anyway?
15) Why nature chooses me and you to live this life and when the time comes we die and turn to dust and that’s it?
16) Does nature want us to just enjoy our life while it lasts? Is that a purpose that nature wants us to fulfill? (That doesn’t sound so motivating)
17) Nature has created something that is superbly beneficial to human such as intellect and creativity but in the end nature wants us to die and turn to dust and that’s it?



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