Soal Jawab nampaknya Sesuai utk lazy-a** cam aku (buat masa ni)

Starting time: 0831 AM TUE : 16 DEC 08

Name: Mohd Noor Izman bin Jaliun (NN --> ikong, man , izman, mt Noor (haha), iz (haha 2)..sum i cant even recall)

Sisters: Kak Nanak(Norhana), Kak Inob(Zainab) + kak2 Tiri yg aku x kNl@ jumpa .

Brothers: Abg Awang(Mustafa--Alfatihah!), Abg Alan(Norazlan)+ Abg2 tiri yang x Rapat Sgt.

* d youngest okay..:p

Shoe Size: 7 / 8. tgk kasut tu jenis cam ne..kaki aku ni jenis yG lebo skit

Height: 168 mebbe..(wish i cud b a lil taller) hek hek

Where do u live ?: if u mean 'Now' then no.8 Jalan Cermai 4/7c, Sek 4,Shah Alam ( do send me greeting card or sumthg like tat)

Have do u ever been on a plane: almost 20 X or More..

Swam in the ocean: ahhh..lm x ke laut..i love d ocean ..or let say.. 'the beach'

Fallen asleep at school: bnyk kali gak! boring classes n or just simply tired! trtido pastu tkluar air liur basi skit..pas tu cover2..hahahahaha

Broken someone's heart: i think i broke lotsa ppl hearts..SoRRY..

Fell off your chair: almost hmm.. it happened last nite masa g dinner kt sek 7..nasib baik org x prasan. huh..slamat

Set by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: di masa2 yg 'Rindu' dan 'Sunyi'..wah!

Saved emails: its automatically saved rite? coz i dun really hv time to delete them.

What is your room like: verY messy..bnyk giler barang (most of them R mine). my Roomate-S = hadi plus Jamal (sementara)

What's right beside u: empty coke bottle, dictionary, dig. cam, spek, gunting, lotsa perfumes n hair products, biscuits, soap, lil boxes, novel, Cds, oh God bnyk nyer..baru aku messy is messy!

What is the last thing u ate: dinner mlm td. nasi putih + sayur kailan ikan masin + sotong goreng tepung + ayam paprik + telur dadar..yum yum

Ever had...Chicken pox: masa baru masuk ting 1..month b4 raya.

Stitches: ada la..jatuh tangga oo..

Broken nose: nope..just nose filled with 'blackheads'

Do u believe in love at first sight: ehi do believe love at the first sight!

Like picnics: ohh relaxing..

Who was/were...The last person u danced with: umi(fren kt buruh asing) masa tarian jab. hari tu.. sway with me..best2

Last made u smile: haha..emmm tats personal! (wakakaka)

Today did u...Talk to someome u like: yup..

Kissed anyone:i kiss almsot everyone (hmm..apa ke maknenye tu..)

Get sick: migrain2 cam tu ni jenis yg susah sakit la..(kdg2 nak gak sakit)<-- sluu my frens ckp..'ko giler ke aper?'

Miss someone: i miss tat person, ooo dia pun aku rindu gak, yg ni pun rindu, yg tu? rindu..alamak banyaknya..hahaha takde la..Rinduku hanya untuk dia..(statement!)

Who do u really hate: ---

Do u like your hand-writing: dulu tulisan aku cam lawa..skrg ni teruk giler..i lost my 'touch'

Whose bed other that yours would u rather sleep in: big--comfy bed..anyone?

What color shirt are u wearing now: white with lil blue

Are u a friendly person: yup yup but im a 'quiet' takes time 4 me to get along but im verY frenly..kan?

Do u have any pets: cats, dogs (dulu)..skrg takde'

Do u sleep with the TV on: hmm..yeah!

What are doing right now: figure Out wat d best ans-S

Can u handle the truth
: mebbe..

Are u closer to your mother or father: my mom of coz..diala juga ayah ku (if u know wat i mean)

Do u eat healthy: sumtime..most of d time..masuk jer..(xcept daging n sum other foods)

If u're having a bad day, who are u most likely to go to: i rather b alone..

Are u loud or quiet most of the time: QUIET

Are u confident: Yes! ( dgn konfiden nya)

I'm tagging : sapa boring cam aku..jawab je la..


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