Wat do u want for Your bud-day?

Okay, people keep asking me tat Q lately..u know since i have less than a week to celebrate my 'youth' (haha) and start a new level of life. Matured, growing up, serious stuff watvea' (c'mon just say it)okay okay..getting OLD. hehe life starts at 40 nway. (still in denial). :p

well,since everyone around r eager to know wat i really want. here r sum of the list tat i want for my b-day.

1. a really cool bag
2. another shoe
3. money clipper
4. hmm a cool wallet or card holder mebbe
5. nice romantic dinner (wah!)
6. a surprise party ( with nude gurl-S) kidding!
7. DSLR cam.wow!
8. i need pant.. short or long i dont care!

Cukup-cukup la berangan tu. Nway, i dont need all tat( i Need tat! he he). Coz one little thing tat i want for my bud-day is just a "companion-ship" (pinjam tad nyer ayat). a companion by frens, knowing they r around N exist N happy N owez there for me because tat kinda of thngS i know is gonna last n tat d only Gift tat i want.

Tapi... tak bermakna aku tak nak apa2..(oooh jahat tul aku ni). No lah, gimme card or cup-cake or tat short msg . it will be enuff then i'll be glad until another b-day to come.


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