Get it OVer n Get Over it!

im quite easily intimidated by people for a simple thing. sumtime over a really stu-peed small reason. most the time i get jealous n "oh i-m-happy-for-you" but deep inside i hv thz lil angry tOt-s of seeing them catching up with d same level of sumthng or anythng better than me.

but im NOT hypocrite or sumthng, i love ppl being happy n watch 'em achiving great thgs. it just me feeling scared of today's generation r getting Smarter n wiser.

Yah..yah, it's suppose to b a great thg Or wat-so-calld great balance competiton but to me it were all rivalry n me alone can do greatness n stay up high above another. kinda selfish but i want everythg happens in life cud just revolve around me so tat it's all about ppl knowing me, focusing on me n be the sole super-human tat moves ppl. not d way aroud. (cam gila kuasa la..)

anyway, tat was just a MAD tot tat came across my mind once n i get thru it. Now, i understand tat life is not just about me, it's about ppl sharing their watevr-s to world n get inspire by ppl achievements, making frens n enjoying every moments tat pass by...


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