Katak Misteri dan, Aku

"Jump in the waterSweet little princessLet me introduce his frognessYou alone can get him singingHe's all puffed up, wanna be your kingOh you can do itC'mon Lady kiss that frog" kiss that frog -peter gabriel

this is not a fairytale nor manipulation of my imagination from 'princess and the frog prince'(cant remember the title but sounds like that) but a REAL,magical story happened for the past week at my bedroom.

last month i was visiting my sister( not to meet her) but just want to pick stuff from my bedroom.but more surprisingly when i found out i had a new company behind myb/room door, someone small called "Pseudacris triseriata" (i dunno whr the hell i get that name) actually its a brown frog . but for the first time, i treated it well and i just let it stay since im rarely sleep in my sis1 house.

but month later(bulan ni la..minggu ni secara spesifik).i kinda freak out when i came back and met my companion right whr i left it and amazingly, still alive. so, i took this long stick and a big plastic and removed it(the day i discovered that im also a Ranidaphobia-afraid of frog) outside the house but only to find that the mysterious frog appeared to be in the same spot next morning. i did this couple of times but till next day it seemed that the frog knew where to go. trust me when i said ive tried everything, threw it to the abandoned-well behind our house and threw it to' longkang ' but the frog will always knows how to return.

but for the last time, last night i t kissed the frog and it turned out to be the most beautiful
woman ive ever seen.its avril lavigne ok ok i got carried away... i just put the frog outside the house and told 'her' to go away " u r not belong here" and when i woke up this morning, the frog is not there anymore....


Anonymous said…
reez, i knew someone like you but i'm not sure he is you

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