Nothing that means something

aku ambik ayat ni dari post terbaru Yasmin Ahmad yang aku rasa sangat menarik.


So what does it mean when we say a Thing is in a state of Nothingness? How can Nothing (No Thing) ever be a Thing at the same time?

Perhaps, and I stress perhaps, it has something to do with Lao Tzu's concept of emptiness.

"The True Way is empty
yet it fills every vessel with endless supply
The True Way is hidden
yet it shines in every corner of the universe"

Five times a day, a Muslim is asked to face what some people describe as The True Way. He begins by standing upright. At some point, he lowers his head and torso and bows. A little later, he finds himself at an even lower position, kneeling and pressing his forehead against the ground. All the while, as he reduces himself physically, he expresses obeisance and utters words that concede absolute subservience to a Greater Power.

In other words, he drops all manners of arrogance, and sheds any belief of self-importance.

Is he, in fact, approaching the state of Nothingness?


betapa dalam dan bermakna. fikir-fikirkan lah!


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