MyBro and MyTeam

i told my bro about MyTeam audition held in stadium likas KK. he was very exciting n that moment i knew this is one of his chance to prove his talent. he has been playing soccer since he was lil kid and the only thing that he good at. he had about 20 cups all from best player to top scorer n always been 'imported' to another team.

so da audition day, everything going well. about thousand participants registered since early mornin'. he got under 12 secs -100 m run for the first round n proceed to next round. he played well n again went to the final round. 12 best players fight each other to make it to da final 4 ppls. but unfortunately, it was da guy next to him called. of course, he was very upset. but reaching that level was very satisfiying moment for him.

hye at least, shebby gave him lotsa encouragement "awak main mmg hebat, one of the best ever but the only problem was you dont hve much stamina" so he made a deal with my bro " u go home, train hard n came back to sarawak audition, i'll let u in to da final round". thats sure a big endorsement!!

7 football club managers also asked for my bro no.(thats great) n he was interviewed by TV3 n AXN. dont forget to watch MyTeam n MYBRO in action every tue, 10 pm on TV3.


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