as far as i remembered, i never had a good contact with my brother. simple conversation, simple talk and simple anything. that was i used to be when i with him. but it all change after i came back from KL. yup, maybe its a little strange to see a strong connection between man to man esp the person is your own sibling.we barely talk and only open our mouth just to say "where's mom?", "hey, phone call for you" @ something like that<<.
now, he tells me about his GF, asks about my opinion, sometimes we go out to town together and talk about sport, football and anything.(what a surprise!!!). i saw a lot of differences in him. he became more thinkable and mature in whatever he did. he transformed from this bad to this more-think-about-future good guy.
i dont care whatever the reason for his transformation but im glad to see him act this way. i am happy to see him finally turned into something 'valueable'. YO BRO!! i can say i am soooooooo proud of you.


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